THE PROFESSIONAL MEETING will be an everyday event in the cafe. The focus will be on the pleasant meeting experience and at the same time Pantopia will host meetings that, due to the long distance, never would have taken place. Read about EVERYDAY SCENARIOS, THE BIG EVENT and FIVE OTHER IMAGINED SCENARIOS.

Updated August 24th, 2010
The agreement is almost in house. Only minor details are missing. Søren's dream of a North Atlantic cooperation is within reach. The company is small and it is expensive to invite the three other partners to Copenhagen. Suddenly Soren remember Aviâja and her meetings at Cafe Pantopia where she often chat with her friends from Greenland. Didn't they have some smooth functioning meeting facilities ...
Søren finds Aviâja among his friends on facebook and comment on her status: "Hope you're cold is gone - please tell me about Cafe Pantopia - did they have meeting facilities?"
Half an hour later Aviâja replied giving him link to the homepage, address, telephone number and an encouragement to try it out. He contacts the cafe and finds out that he can book the meeting facilities in all four countries at an appropriate time the following week. So is it just to find out whether the other can at the same time - Soren remember the time difference.

He manages to summon all the other partners for the following week, so now he is waiting anxiously on the day to dawn. He writes back to Aviaja - thank you and propose if not they can make a little dress rehearsal to see how it is to drink coffee with a good friend who sits in Nuuk, without he himself must travel across the Atlantic but just to jump in Christiania bicycle so he can retrieve her daughter, who is dancing to Christian, on the way back.